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Why Video Marketing Works

1,000 words and more

We all know the adage ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words’. If this is true, then what does a video represent when it’s used as a marketing tool for your business? Video helps you get your message across if your product or service is complex to explain in words or still images, you can easily demonstrate how it works and draw attention to the key features. Conveying your personality, brand, and ethos is much easier in a video. The video below is one we’ve recently completed for SP Workwear and features one of their varied clients Sanders Street Dance

Word of mouth referrals

Satisfied clients are one of the best adverts you can have for your business. Getting them to deliver their testimonial is a perfect way of utilising video to promote your brand, and indeed theirs, and of showcasing your products in a real-world situation. It’s a great way of showing off your product or services to their best advantage.

Engaging Millennials

Video enables you to gain exposure to people who prefer to watch rather than read. This extends the reach of your content, making it available across a range of platforms and devices. Delivering your message using moving images and sound engages more of the senses.

Social interaction

Sharing your video on social media platforms helps engage the user interaction, either by sharing your content or clicking through to your website this brings intimacy to your marketing.


Google loves video, they bought YouTube after all. Having video content on your website will improve your SERP as video forms part of the Google algorithm. Plus, Google can automatically transcribe your video, giving you additional written content to improve your SERP. The blended results now presented by Google, featuring videos and images, mean you get additional opportunities for your website to appear in search results if video available on your site.

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